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has been great in handling our fuel taxes. We used to do them in house and it was very time consuming. Any time I have had a question or a problem OTS has answered or fixed the problem promptly and everyone is so helpful and nice.”
” type=”classic” ]Tri-State
log audit reports, we can see monthly snapshots of how our facilities are improving. Their web-reporting features a multitude of bells and whistles with functionality being the top priority.”
” type=”classic” ]Ashley
for many years and are confident that their work is accurate and always on time. The people are great to work and are happy to answer any questions you may have concerning tax.”
” type=”classic” ]Danny
is tenacious in their ability to provide accuracy.”
” type=”classic” ]Carter
has been a very professional and friendly one. They work diligently at getting our reports accurate and on time. We have an amiable relationship with OTS.”
” type=”classic” ]Ken
quick turnaround time lowers costs and results in less audit issues.”
” type=”classic” ]FedEx
. My account manager is always prompt, friendly and very helpful.”
” type=”classic” ]Cardinal
out-of-route reporting has become a useful tool in helping us to improve our out of route percentage. We are pleased with OTS’ innovative and resourceful approach to our needs.”
” type=”classic” ]Knight
and their vast knowledge of operating taxes in all states has raised our confidence level in regards to tax compliance. Their staff has responded to our needs in a very efficient and professional manner.”
” type=”classic” ]Averitt
for its efforts in our recent tax recovery project. As you know, we recovered a substantial amount of both sales/use and property tax as a direct result of OTS’ efforts and knowledge. We will also realize substantial future savings as a result of your work and the knowledge that you shared with us. Your people were very knowledgeable, professional and performed their work with minimal disruption to our schedules or effort on our part.”
” type=”classic” ]
has provided our company with tax assistance on several occasions. We have been very pleased with their service and intend to use them in the future when faced with tax issues that require their expertise.”
” type=”classic” ]Truckway
is top-notch in comparison to any of the other Fuel Tax service providers.”
” type=”classic” ]Stevens
to manage our requirements.”
” type=”classic” ]SM
have been extremely valuable. Their professional expertise and knowledge of the transportation industry is unique. We continue to utilize the services of OTS and would highly recommend them.”
” type=”classic” ]Ryder
is that they are knowledgeable about all operating taxes in all 48 states. We have dealt with sales tax specialists, property tax specialists, and fuel tax specialists who are all competent in their own fields. None, however, possess the overall knowledge and hands on experience of OTS.””
” type=”classic” ]Old
website is extremely user friendly with a multitude of reporting options. Their services are economical, quick and efficient.”
” type=”classic” ]Mill
has assisted us in receiving substantial refunds and provided us with excellent advice. They are very knowledgeable and an outstanding resource for tax questions. I highly recommend their services.”
” type=”classic” ]Highway
has been friendly and more than happy to help. Our fuel tax department was lacking to say the least, but our personal account manager really helped us pull it all together. He has taught us a great deal about fuel taxes along the way. I have also worked a lot with an assistant manager, and she is wonderful. She is always quick to respond, and is always willing to help us with any questions or requests we may have. I am so thankful for the great customer service they both have given us here at Lawrence.”
” type=”classic” ]Lawrence
Elgin Motor Freight
“We have had a very good experience, everything we inquire about is dealt with promptly, our reports are always done on time with no complaints. I find them very helpful.”
listens when we ask for changes in the reports and make adjustments where needed.”
” type=”classic” ]Admiral
. We love the hands-on expertise and fast response.”
” type=”classic” ]Tri-State
saves us time.”
” type=”classic” ]Goodpasture
TCI Logistics, Inc.
“We have zero complaints with the service provided and have enjoyed greater access to our information as well.”
is always friendly, prompt and helpful.”
” type=”classic” ]Modern
are always appreciated. The customer service is great. I only have requests when I need the answer right away and OTS always comes through. Thanks OTS!”
” type=”classic” ]Alliance
” type=”classic” ]Zeitner
Energy Solutions/Hittman Transport
“Great customer service, quick turn around time and the best price around.”
, I have more time to complete other tasks with Fuel Tax being one of the quickest.”
” type=”classic” ]Challenger
we spent considerable time each month correcting and researching suspect fuel tax data. Since we have contracted with OTS we spend less than 4 hours a month correcting suspect data for over 650 tractors.” “Operating in all 48 states and understanding the sales tax regulations in all those states can be overwhelming for any accounts payable department. OTS did a complete audit of our invoices and filed for overpaid sales tax on our behalf. Our Accounts Payable department know has a better understanding of the regulations and, more importantly, has someone to call with sales tax questions.”
” type=”classic” ]Foodliner,
met our needs. In testing with other providers, we were making too many assumptions and not getting clear answers. OTS stepped up to the plate as being the clear, concise and accurate service provider.”
” type=”classic” ]
and could not be happier. They have brought us ease in entering our fuel tax reports, whereas, our previous provider always had mistakes. Now it’s just a click of a button to get our corrections complete. Reports are easily accessed, website is user friendly and our account manager is always responsive and quick. We are happy we made the switch to OTS.”
” type=”classic” ]R.E.M.
KCH Transportation
“Fast & pleasant - our account manager is one of the best customer service people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.”
are always outstanding.”
” type=”classic” ]Linden
turnaround time for data processing is outstanding. Our Account Manager has our data processing done in as little as 24 hours.”
” type=”classic” ]Tidewater
. They always provide personal and timely service and we are very happy with our results.”
” type=”classic” ]Earl
Oakley Trucking Inc.
“OTS worked well with our systems integration. It was very easy to get setup with them and their resourcefulness was excellent.”
has consulted with Covenant Transport on a wide range of operating tax issues- fuel tax, sales tax, property tax, federal excises, and state franchise taxes. Their knowledge and professionalism is outstanding and they produce results.”
” type=”classic” ]Covenant
Network Transportation Systems, Inc.
“Their account managers are always upbeat and nice. Knowledge and personality are consistent with everyone we work with.”
website is very user friendly for any reports that we need. Our personal account manager is very responsive to any questions that come up and our returns are prepared in a very timely manner.”
” type=”classic” ]Mid
to review our operating tax compliance and reporting. They came in and did a very thorough and professional review in a matter of days, resulting in significant savings to our company. We continue to enjoy the benefits of the saving identified today. I found their principals to be very knowledgeable and a valuable resource to consult with. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the transportation industry.”
” type=”classic” ]Andrews
Transport TFI 16
“Good service. I receive our mileage and fuel tax rapidly. They always give me answer for my questions.”
is uncomparable as the service that I received from my old fuel tax service provider was poor at best. At the end of the month information would be missing and it would take me hours sometimes days to enter the missing information and then things still weren’t right. With OTS they gather our information though our sattelite tracking systems we have installed on our trucks and I send the other information needed. Within a short period of time I have my preliminary reports back to review and my month is done. It has never been so easy & so stress free. Thank you OTS!”
” type=”classic” ]Express
has the experience and knowledge to cut through red tape at various state government authorities to resolve audits and other various gray areas.”
” type=”classic” ]Aim
for their quick response and help they provide”
” type=”classic” ]Southwestern
contributes greatly to our overall safety rating. We are highly satisfied.”
” type=”classic” ]Beier
stood out as the most helpful and knowledgeable.”
” type=”classic” ]Jagtrux,
is extremely helpful in all of our questions and always come up with a solution.”
” type=”classic” ]Lawrence
to perform a complete tax compliance and tax recovery audit on our truck fleet. We found their staff to be knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of taxes that affect our truck fleet. Their service was so outstanding that when the time came to choose a company to assist us with HOS compliance services, OTS was our first choice. Our company has received substantial monetary reward from the tax recovery service OTS performed. Of equal importance is the guidance we have received from OTS on the various compliance issues we encounter as a motor carrier.”
” type=”classic” ]Cardinal
ability to track out-of-route miles has enhanced our profitability. Their web-based reporting allows us to pull everything right from the reporting site.”
” type=”classic” ]Marquardt
has assisted us for many years and has consistently provided excellent service. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and always available to answer our questions. We highly recommend OTS.”
” type=”classic” ]Medallion

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Our Services

Fuel Tax: Paper based and Paperless
OTS offers full service solutions to your IFTA/Mileage tax reporting. Reconciliation of mileages to odometers readings, trip-based OOR (out of route) reports and maps, filing requirements for your IRP, FHVUT/Form 2290, and more. More »

Tax Recovery / Refund Service
OTS focuses on determining potential tax exposures and available credits/refunds to make sure you pay the correct and legal minimum amount of tax owed. More »

HOS Driver Log Auditing
Evaluate your driver effectiveness and increase HOS compliance while reducing penalties for safety violations and improper reporting. More »

Licensing / Permitting
Tired of the license/permit hassle? Give OTS a call and we’ll take it from there. IRP supplements and renewals, over-dimensional permits, over-weight permits, weight group changes, and more. More »

Form 2290 Tax Renewal
Pay the tax due on highway motor vehicles used during the period with a taxable gross vehicle weight of 55,000 lbs or more.
More »

Informatics Division
Turn raw data into usable information by leveraging OTS’ reporting expertise and technology development experience through the use of our powerful online tools: