Tax Technologies and Solutions for the Trucking Industry

About DISA Transportation Compliance [DTC] – Fuel Tax, HOS Driver Log Auditing, Licensing, Permitting, Tax Recovery

Since 1991, OTS [Now DISA Transportation Compliance, DTC] has been the trucking industry’s only full-service tax outsource provider serving the United States and Canada.

DTC provides Fuel Tax Reporting, HOS Driver Log Auditing, Licensing, Permitting, and Tax Recovery services to 70 percent of the top trucking companies. In 2017, OTS joined the DISA Global Solutions family. Now with additional resources, DTC is able to provide companies with more tools to tackle their operational needs. Whether you need miles for insurance purposes, International Registration Plan (IRP), International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), drug testing or simply cost benefit analysis, DTC can supply the information you need to help your business operate efficiently.

The DTC Advantage

OTS’ 100% web-based reporting tool,™ provides over 60 management reports with unlimited customization to support your operational needs and give you real-time information to assist in your decision making and data management processes. Other OTS benefits include:

  • No waiting for downloads, discs in the mail, or upgrades to install.
  • The ability to work with any type of data, electronic or paper based.
  • Free Audit support. We’ll take care of it for you!
  • Experience. No one can provide you with our level of expertise.
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Reports, DOT Hours of Service Driver Log Auditing, Licensing and Truck Permits and Tax Recovery.
  • Unlimited access to your data-past, present, and future.
  • Guaranteed paperless 72 hour turn around time. Once we receive your monthly electronic data, we process it, review it, and post your web viewable exception and management reports.

OTS can supply the information you need to help your business operate efficiently. Whether you need miles for insurance purposes, IRP, IFTA, or simply cost benefit analysis, OTS will provide you with the tools necessary to tackle your operational needs.

Our Services

Fuel Tax: Paper based and Paperless
OTS offers full service solutions to your IFTA/Mileage tax reporting. Reconciliation of mileages to odometers readings, trip-based OOR (out of route) reports and maps, filing requirements for your IRP, FHVUT/Form 2290, and more. More »

Tax Recovery / Refund Service
OTS focuses on determining potential tax exposures and available credits/refunds to make sure you pay the correct and legal minimum amount of tax owed. More »

HOS Driver Log Auditing
Evaluate your driver effectiveness and increase HOS compliance while reducing penalties for safety violations and improper reporting. More »

Licensing / Permitting
Tired of the license/permit hassle? Give OTS a call and we’ll take it from there. IRP supplements and renewals, over-dimensional permits, over-weight permits, weight group changes, and more. More »

Form 2290 Tax Renewal
Pay the tax due on highway motor vehicles used during the period with a taxable gross vehicle weight of 55,000 lbs or more.
More »

Informatics Division
Turn raw data into usable information by leveraging OTS’ reporting expertise and technology development experience through the use of our powerful online tools: