Tax Technologies and Solutions for the Trucking Industry


Q: Are there any setup or maintenance fees associated with DISA Transportation Compliance [DTC] services?

A: DTC does not charge any setup or maintenance fees for our services.  Our billing is a flat monthly rate based on your fleet or driver size and is billed according to how many units or drivers we process per month.

Q: How long does my data stay on file with DTC?

A: For IFTA reporting, DTC stores data for at least 5 years. For HOS Driver Log Auditing, logs/images are kept for 6 months.

Q: Do you provide information or service to file state or federal imposed taxes, i.e., Ad valorum, mileage taxes, customs, permits, etc.?

A: Yes.  DTC is a full-service tax reporting, regulatory compliance and consulting firm.  We specialize in taxes and regulatory compliance functions designed to meet the needs of trucking industry-based companies through North America, including the U.S. and Canada federal tax matters.

Q: Do you provide separate fuel tax reports related to owner-operator activities?

A: Yes.  DTC provides a tax settlement report depending on the business rules you specify.  Your settlement reports can be created a number of different ways to charge the taxes back to your owner operators in the format you require.   The settlement report also calculates the applicable mileage taxes for the time period, so that you can recapture these costs as well.  These reports can be run monthly or quarterly.

Q: When can I access my reports online?

A: DTC web-based reporting site allows you to login 24/7 to view your data and reports.

Q: Who is responsible for managing my data at DTC?

A: At DTC, customer service is our number one priority.  Each client has a personal, dedicated account manager that provides direct access via phone and email.  Our clients never have to call a support line or help system.  DTC assumes full-responsibility for all reporting and IFTA preparations.  DTC is there each step of the way through monthly/quarterly IFTA and State preparations and through all IFTA audits.

Q: What is DTC’s track record when actually audited by IFTA?

A: Based on audits closed to date, the average per unit exposure has been less than a dollar per year.

Our Services

Fuel Tax: Paper based and Paperless
OTS offers full service solutions to your IFTA/Mileage tax reporting. Reconciliation of mileages to odometers readings, trip-based OOR (out of route) reports and maps, filing requirements for your IRP, FHVUT/Form 2290, and more. More »

Tax Recovery / Refund Service
OTS focuses on determining potential tax exposures and available credits/refunds to make sure you pay the correct and legal minimum amount of tax owed. More »

HOS Driver Log Auditing
Evaluate your driver effectiveness and increase HOS compliance while reducing penalties for safety violations and improper reporting. More »

Licensing / Permitting
Tired of the license/permit hassle? Give OTS a call and we’ll take it from there. IRP supplements and renewals, over-dimensional permits, over-weight permits, weight group changes, and more. More »

Form 2290 Tax Renewal
Pay the tax due on highway motor vehicles used during the period with a taxable gross vehicle weight of 55,000 lbs or more.
More »

Informatics Division
Turn raw data into usable information by leveraging OTS’ reporting expertise and technology development experience through the use of our powerful online tools: