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IRP Full Reciprocity Plan [FRP]

IRP is simplified with FRP
Beginning January 1, 2015 Full Reciprocity Plan (FRP) will go into effect. The FRP will grant full reciprocity for all apportioned vehicles and remove any provisions related to estimated distances. Registrants will receive cab cards that will show all jurisdictions, both US and Canada.

Fees will be calculated the same, but will be based on actual distances accumulated during the distance reporting period.

What are the benefits of FRP?

  • More equitable plan
  • No more “add state or province”
  • No more “over 100 percent fees” for added jurisdictions
  • No more trip permits
  • No more estimated distances
  • No need to operate multiple IRP fleets
  • The implementation of FRP will be a staggered process. For example, if your renewal date is May 1, 2015 then you would not be registered under FRP until May 1, 2015.

    For registrants operating multiple IRP fleets, it is recommended to consolidate your fleets since apportioned units will have the ability to travel to all member jurisdictions. If handling your own IRP, please contact your IRP office to discuss the best time to consolidate your fleets.
    For additional information please visit . You can also contact Eric Shriver at with questions.

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